RX-7 FD3S Original Car Shop Glow LED Tail Lights Ver. 2


CarShopGLOW made tuning parts

Model FD3S RX-7
Brand CarShopGLOW

This is a lighting video of the installed vehicle.
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Product description

Car Shop GLOW Original LED Tail Lamp Ver.2 for RX-7 FD3S.

We received a lot of inquiries, so we made a round type tail lamp. Unlike the genuine one, I tried to make only the outermost blinker like the arrow with the same design as Ver.1 instead of 3 circles. When the blinker is not put out, it becomes a genuine style, and when the winker is put out, it becomes a custom style tail lamp.

Based on a genuine new tail lamp, we manufacture it with an emphasis on shell splitting → substrate processing → crimping → smoke clear paint finish and finish.

About the product

  • One set for left and right
  • Flowing blinker unit
  • Our aluminum plate is engraved (rivet fastening)
  • Smoke clear paint finish processed from genuine products
  • All processing work is done in Japan


  • It comes with a one-year warranty such as running out of balls and clouding due to water droplets. (6 months for overseas shipments)
  • After returning the product, we will repair or replace it. (Please bear the return shipping fee.)
  • In any case, we cannot guarantee the wages. (Excluding our installation)

Compatible models

RX-7 FD3S type 1 to type 6.

The ABS warning light may come on. Countermeasures in that case Canceller \ 3,980 (excluding tax).

The turn signal high-fla canceller has been fixed.

Since the canceller generates heat, install it away from the interior and resin parts.

About installation

It is a coupler on with a genuine coupler.

If you bring your vehicle to our showroom (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), you can also install it. Separate wage \ 5,000 (excluding tax).


It is always in stock, but in rare cases it may be out of stock. If you are in a hurry, please check the delivery date before ordering.

LED rear garnish for images and videos is also available as an option. Please contact us separately.

We also welcome business sales, so please contact us. We also accept one-off production of other models.

RX-7 FD3S Original Car Shop Glow LED Tail Lights Ver. 2