FD3S RX-7 Car Shop Glow Full Titanium Intermediate Pipe 90Φ (with silencer)


CarShopGLOW made tuning parts

Model FD3S RX-7
Category EXHAUST
Brand CarShopGLOW

Car Shop Glow’s original full titanium intermediate pipe (with silencer/sold separately).


The size is main 90Φ straight. Other than the connection flange size, the above settings cannot be changed.

It is extremely lightweight and excellent in quality, so there is no need to worry about welding peeling. Even though it is a weight that women can hold with one hand, it is also durable.

About specification change of flange part

The specifications of the connection flange can be changed. When ordering, be sure to specify the connecting flange size (bolt hole pitch, flange height, diameter) of the front pipe and rear piece.

All dimensions for A/B/C above are required. Please let us know when you order.

A: Bolt hole pitch (mm)
B: Flange height (mm)
C: Caliber (Φmm)

Reference video (full kit with silencer)

Muffler lineup

About ECU settings

I think that there are many cases of changes from normal, 80Φ sports muffler, vehicle inspection compatible muffler, etc.

Be sure to set it after installing it, as changing to our titanium muffler will definitely change the fuel condition. If neglected, the engine will blow with a high probability. Even in full speed at 2nd speed, the fuel condition goes awry. In short, it means that the power will increase considerably.

About shipping

This product can only be delivered to maintenance shops, corporate offices and stores, or Seino Transportation Sales Office. Please note.

The shipping fee is 7,000 yen (excluding tax).
In other areas and remote islands, an additional fee will be charged. Please contact us for details.


If you bring your vehicle to our showroom (Nerima Ward, Tokyo), you can also install it. Please contact us as the wage varies depending on the vehicle specifications (full normal/turbine/front pipe, etc.).

FD3S RX-7 Car Shop Glow Full Titanium Intermediate Pipe 90Φ (with silencer)