Car Shop Glow original rear diffuser (wet carbon)


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General Purpose

[Product Description]
Car shop Glow original The general purpose rear diffuser (wet carbon).
It is the largest size among the commercially available rear diffusers.
Although downforce improves even with single item use, you can get even big downforce with GT wing, duck tail etc.

(for exclusive use for competition and public roads not allowed)

Center generator that is attached to the demo car of the image and the Bowtech generator generator (RE Amemiya) of the side are optional.

? Center generator (carbon) … ¥ 20,000 (excluding tax)
? Center generator (FRP) ? ¥ 14,000 (excluding tax)
? Bowtech generator (carbon) ※ RE Amemiya … ¥ 30,000 (Tax excluded)

[About products】
Brand new unused item
Wet carbon made
Japan domestic production
Diffuser body, left and right side panel, mounting stay, with screw
* Center generator and Bowtech Generator (RE Amemiya) Are not included.

[Compatible model]
Although it is a general-purpose product, it can be installed on the FD3S with bolt on.
I think that you can install other models if you can process the stay.
Please check the size of the second image on the second image.

If you bring the vehicle to our showroom (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), painting and installation work is also possible.
Separately Clear Painting & Installation fee ¥ 30,000 ~ (excluding tax)

if the product is missing, there is a case where you wait about one week.
Those who hurry please check the delivery date before ordering.
We also welcome business sales, so please contact us.
Other one-off production etc of other models are available.

Car Shop Glow original rear diffuser (wet carbon)

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