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Car Shop Glow original Quadruplex Air Duct Make of FRP

General Purpose

[Product description]
Car Shop Glow General purpose 4-air duct (FRP).
It is a duct for the air outlet installed in the fender and bonnet.
Efficiently discharges the air accumulated in the fender and bonnet to suppress the lift-up effect
The cooling effect also increases.
The size is listed on the third image.
110mm x 270mm (slash area is about 20mm)
The demo car in the image is the FD3S, but it can be diverted to other car models if it is cut and processed.

*The air duct installed in the demo car is made of carbon.

[About the product]
Brand new unused
Made of FRP
Domestic production in Japan
Duct left and right set of 2 (* Made of air duct carbon installed in the demo car)

[About compatible models]
It is a general-purpose product.

If you bring your vehicle to our showroom (Nerima Ward, Tokyo), you can also paint and install it.
Separately clear painting/installation fee ¥15,000~ (excluding tax)

If you run out of stock, you may have to wait about a week.
If you are in a hurry, please confirm the delivery date before ordering.
We welcome business sales, so please contact us.
We also accept one-off production of other vehicles.

Car Shop Glow original Quadruplex Air Duct Make of FRP

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