EG 6 Civic Car Shop Glow LED Tail Lamp Ver.1 Garage Work Spec

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Car shop Glow original LED tail series for EG 6 Civic (Ver.1) “Garage Work” spec.

The difference with the LED tail lamp of the usual EG 6 is that the back lamp comes with a strobe (assumed to be used as an attack lamp in the time attack event etc.). * It can be used as a normal back lamp.

The LED tail lamp body is manufactured domestically, shelf based on a genuine tail lamp, processed for LED lamps, crimped again, we are manufacturing with quality emphasis on finish.

I think that it is a product that I am very satisfied with innovative design and Japanese quality not found in overseas manufactured products.

Product content

One set for left and right
Car shop Glow aluminum plate with engraved (riveted)

About guarantee

It has one year warranty such as bulb burning and clouds due to water droplets. (6 months for overseas shipment)
After returning the product, we will repair or replace it. (Please pay the return shipping fee.)
In any case, we can not guarantee wages for labor. (Excluding installation at our company)

About installation

It is a coupler on with a genuine coupler. If you bring the vehicle to our Showroom (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), installation work is also possible. Separately wage 5,000 (excluding tax).


We stock all the time, but rarely may be missing items. Those who hurry please check the delivery date before ordering. We also welcome business sales, so please contact us.
Other one kind of one off production etc are also available.

EG 6 Civic Car Shop Glow LED Tail Lamp Ver.1 Garage Work Spec


Missing item