Under Suzuki AE86 LEVIN carbon junkie Front fender set


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Under Suzuki

[Product description]
Front fender left and right set using an autoclave.
It has the same shape as the genuine one, but the arch is enlarged because it was produced on the assumption that a pasted over fender is used.
It cannot be used without the external fender installed.

Note) The photo of the product is cut behind the fender, but the actual product has the same shape as the genuine product.

[About the product]
New unused item
Made of dry carbon

[About the product price and shipping fee]
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[About compatible models]
AE86 Levin

[About installation]
Our showroom (Nerima-ku, Tokyo) If you bring your vehicle to ), you can also paint and install it.
Please contact us regarding wages.

Basically, it is a made-to-order product.
The basic delivery time is around one month, but it may change depending on the factory conditions.
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Under Suzuki AE86 LEVIN carbon junkie Front fender set

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