Pro Shop Fukuo Original Front bumper RX-7 FD3S


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Pro Shop Fukuoh

Pro Shop Fukuo RX-7 FD3S original bumper

Product Description:

The Fukuo original bumper is popular throughout the world for it’s simple and sleek style that subtly accents the FD3S’s original aerodynamic styling. Fukuo’s original bumper is repeatedly tested on demo cars and Rx-7’s the frequent time attack events to ensure maximum aerodynamic output. It’s high quality finish enables you to easily fit your bumper out of the box.

About the Product:

New unused productBlack gel coat finishIndicator lens not includedCanards and front splitter and under panel are not included with the bumper.Made in Japan

Product shipping and pricing:

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We also offer in-house installation work, in which case you will need to bring your vehicle to our showroom. (Nerima-ku Tokyo)Please contact us for more information regarding mounting prices.


If we don’t have stock in store the build time for this product can take up to 3 weeks.Customers with rushed orders please confirm your delivery date before placing an order.If you have any further questions please contact our sales devision.

Pro Shop Fukuo Original Front bumper RX-7 FD3S

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