Kemitec Racing Coolant PG55 RC

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[Product description]
The main component of PG55 RC is propylene glycol liquid, which is used for 55% of the total volume.
Furthermore, we combine pure water, which is also used as cooling water for F1 engines, with our proprietary additive.
This mainly provides the following performance.

-Since the heat absorption is high, the heat generated from the engine can be efficiently absorbed in the cooling water.
-Since the absorbed heat is highly released, the efficiency of the radiator can be maximized.
-There is little performance deterioration even after repeated absorption and release.

Compared with other coolants, it has the effect of suppressing the occurrence of cavitation.
In this way, the PG55 RC can efficiently absorb and release engine heat.
This is referred to as the “characteristic excellent in heat response”.
Also, by using propylene glycol liquid for 55% of the total, it is possible to prevent cavitation from occurring in the cooling water.
It can be greatly suppressed.
Cavitation generated by pump rotation and high-speed water flow has a very strong impact when bubbles burst, and the cavitation is about 320 km/h.
It is said that it is equivalent to jetting a water jet.
Therefore, long-term use may damage the cooling water channels and the engine block.
Since PG55 RC has characteristics that cavitation does not easily occur, you can use it with confidence also in this respect.
The recommended replacement cycle for the PG55 RC is 2 years, so it can be used as a genuine coolant substitute.
Anti-corrosion measures for cooling water and radiator metal parts are also perfect.
Also, since propylene glycol is a non-toxic liquid agent, there is a strong awareness of environmental protection. ..

[About the product]
Chemitech Racing Coolant PG55 RC [4L] x 1

[About compatible models]
Domestic sports cars, hybrid cars and other eco-friendly cars, and imported cars in general.

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Kemitec Racing Coolant PG55 RC

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