kyuushuudanji AP 7040 brake kits 355mm RX-7 FD3S

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Kyushudanji Shoukai

◆AP7040 Brake Kit FD3S 355mm KIT Contents◆

・Caliper CP7040
・Rotor 355φ t32 with slit (heat treated)
・Bellhat floating mount
・Brake hose, stainless mesh, stainless fitting
・Brake pad for MINTEX (UK) street

◆Precautions for using the brake kit◆

1. Do not use on public roads as it is a race part.
2. Please ask a mechanic to install it.
We do not take any responsibility for any troubles related to installation.
3. I would like to break in the rotor.
If you don’t heat it well, the rotor will be damaged.
Four. Some PADs are not compatible with the rotor.
We recommend metal type such as FERODO.
Please note that carbon PAD heats up too much.
Please use the rotor temperature below 600 degrees.

kyuushuudanji AP 7040 brake kits 355mm RX-7 FD3S

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