CraftSquare Integra DC5 Touring Competition Mirror TCA-F

DC5 Integra
Craft Square

Touring Competition (TC) · Mirror’s triangular corner installation type is model specific to each type of car. One side assembly weight 520 g

Mirror option: Blue mirror

Apart from the standard mirror, you can choose a blue mirror as an option. The blue mirror uses a German blue mirror that has excellent anti-glare properties against the light of the rear car as a master plate. (Mirror curvature: 1000 R) Option cost: Each TCA mirror price + ¥ 5,000 (+tax)

Touring Competition Mirror Specification

Mirror housing Carbon composite
Mirror Mirror surface curvature 1000R Chrome-plated mirror
Mounting base Original original design Aluminum cast Hairline processing + clear coating and black painting by vehicle type
Vehicle mounting Bolt on installation
Mirror angle adjustment Craft square with original racing lock function Duralumin & stainless steel ball joint
Security standard Conform

CraftSquare Integra DC5 Touring Competition Mirror TCA-F

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