RX-7 FD3S RE Amemiya 90 Curl Dolphin Tail Exhaust (Flange 80mm)


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RE Amemiya

Product Description:

To keep up with ever rising high boost tuned cars the new exhaust uses 90mm thickened stainless steel piping and a super quiet high-flow muffler that doesn’t impair the power of the engine was added. This product has 3 different models to help accommodate your tuning needs. For more questions regarding the 3 models please contact us directly. (For competition/circuit use – For street use refer to your local automobile laws)

About the product:

Full stainless steelBand new-unusedPiping diameter/width:Flange: 80mmMain piping: 90mmDolphin tail: 101mm This muffler can only be installed after the original center piping/or stock catalyser.


RX-7 FD3S type 1-6 vehicles


We also offer in house installation work, in which case you will need to bring your vehicle to our showroom. (Nerima-ku Tokyo).Please contact us for more information regarding mounting prices.


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RX-7 FD3S RE Amemiya 90 Curl Dolphin Tail Exhaust (Flange 80mm)

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